Little ones

Friday, February 11, 2005

Just returned from a trip to Florida to see my kids. Two beautiful little girls, ages 3 and 6. Their names are Caitlyn and Meghan. Very special little girls. They have a sister, Jana, who is 19 now. She comes from another marriage and doesn't feel the bond with them, or me.

I was able to have lunch with Caitlyn at the elementary school. I gave her 20 keychains from Texas to give her classmates. She beamed when she saw how much they liked them. The child seems starved for affection and attention. She is the light of my life.

I also visited Meghan at the Day Care center. She calls it school. We played on the playground. She does not remember me but she said the sweetest thing to me. She crawls into my lap everytime I sit down or squat. She leans back against me and always grabs my left hand and puts it around her waist and keeps it there. Caitlyn was off playing and Meghan was quiet for a moment. She looked back at me and asked "Does my sister remember you"? I told her yes, Caitlyn remembers me because she is older. Meghan leaned back against me and was quiet. In a minute she looks at me again and says "I don't remember you Daddy". It hurt to hear her say that but I was just about to tell her that it was okay when she looked back again and said "but I really like you alot" and leaned her head against my chest. She is so sweet.

Why does divorce have to touch the children.